I’ve been posting Feminist articles on my girlfriend’s Facebook page for the past year, to the extent where she’s encouraged me to share them wider via a blog. She’s also not sold on social media… so here’s my attempt to change that!

So enjoy Francesca and anyone else who is into it!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Kat says:

    Care to elaborate? How did you become interested in feminism? How do you respond to anti-feminist men? (I’m assuming you must have got some flack, since as a female feminist I get flack in public all the time and online you only need to google ‘mangina’…)

    • Good point! I don’t suppose it is really that socially acceptable for anyone to be a feminist at the moment, but gender equality seems to have been something that has been swept under the carpet in the UK. My partner is a feminist, who has introduced me to many books, theories and news, so with this blog I’m returning the favour!

      I suppose in the same way as I’ve confronted friends who’ve said racist things without thinking about it, it felt right to confront sexism too. I spoke about blogging at a training course I was on on Tuesday and there were a couple of jokes about patriarchy taking over feminism (which were quite funny!), but everyone there ended up giving me links to useful websites!

      I suppose really I call myself a feminist in able to confront people’s attitudes to feminism and gender more generally, the only people who have had a problem with it seem to be people who are not close friends anyway or people I just fundamentally disagree with on many things!

      Hope this is a bit more of a complete answer, let me know if there’s any gaps there!

      Hope you get a bit less flack about it, it always seems like its people who are least secure with their place in the world that have problems with equality issues!

  2. Leopard says:

    Great blog! I think it says a lot about the state of affairs in society that it’s so rare to see a man publicly voice his support for gender equality. Well done you =)

  3. jemima101 says:

    Are you on twitter?

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