What Caitlin Moran done?! And what the hell is intersectionality?!

If you follow any feminists on Twitter, it will have been hard to miss the carnage this week when Caitlin Moran said that she “literally could not give a shit” about the representation of people of colour in Lena Dunham’s show Girls. As with a few topics, this is something I haven’t immediately blogged about because it focusses on intersectionality – something which I’m not well placed to comment on as I am the most privileged of the privileged – a white, middle class, able-bodied, straight man. For those unclear on intersectionality and privilege there’s a couple of posts on the It’s Just a Hobby blog looking at this very issue of privilege and the Moran tweets here and here.

But whilst I’ve felt unable to comment on, there’s been some great and/or interesting posts on other blogs looking at this.When it looked like the Moran tweets couldn’t be inflamed further, the Vagenda blogged in defence of Moran. Personally I don’t think there is much defence of saying you couldn’t give a shit about any group of people. Stavvers written a very good blog on the case against Moran.

But one thing the Vagenda blog has focussed on wasn’t such a bad thing – our use of language. I had no idea what intersectionality was (probably because I’m privileged?), but using verbose terms (like I just have) has meant that I had no initial idea what the hell was going on. Turns out I googled it, but I wonder how many people would have echoed the anger of Stavvers if it was a topic they felt they knew something about? Because intersectionality ultimately affects loads of people, but if you’d have asked me earlier on this week I would have had no idea who.

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