Kat Banyard and carnage

Kat Banyard is the same age as me, and undertaking a good deal more work than me as she’s the head of a feminist organisation in the UK. From the tone of this interview by Decca Aitkenhead she sounds quite jaded about doing interviews, or at least terribly guarded.  Aitkenhead’s questioning is often lazy though. When Banyard describes male consumers as victims of porn too Aitkenhead says:

Another way of looking at it would be less charitable. Offered limitless choice, it turns out that what men really want is the most violent, degrading, misogynist porn imaginable. Does that tell us something about men?

A very sweeping generation about all men here. And not very helpful to belittle 50% of the people on this earth when discussing gender equality. I realise Aitkenhead is playing devil’s advocate, but it really spoils the piece.

Here’s an interesting perspective on the piece by Jemima 101 around consent. Lots that I had not previously considered, but a really thought-provoking blog on class issues in feminism. It certainly made this interview in the Observer on whether feminism is a spent-force a livelier read, with Fiona Ranford interestingly raising a similar point to Jemima 101 by saying that:

I think that we need to switch attention away from the individual choices that women are making and turn attention on to the institutions that are restricting those choices

Interestingly Ranford then goes on to completely go against Jemima’s piece saying that:

Men are affected by pornography, for example from, I think, the average age for boys seeing pornography being 11. Pornography is often violent and degrading to women and that’s how a lot of young boys are getting their ideas around who women are and what sex is like

In other news – unsurprisingly 78% of front-page articles are written by men according to research undertaken by Women in Journalism – no surprise there then!

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2 thoughts on “Kat Banyard and carnage

  1. jemima101 says:

    Now I have spanked the bad spam filter, I am glad you found something thought provoking . The 11 yr old boy stat is as poor as the entry into sex work being 14 stat, but people still keep trotting them out. The idea of porn being degrading to women is of course a moral one, based on someones view of porn, Carter wrote an interesting piece tonight on facials which explores this further.

    Oh and from a personal view, thank you, gender equality needs male voices.

  2. Cheers – I will check out Carter’s piece now. Really enjoying your blog, it often offers new perspectives on things I hadn’t considered otherwise. Thanks!

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