Sexist urinals and loads more crazy stuff!

I’m doing shockingly badly at the regular blogging lately, but this is what comes from a hectic amount of work and no internet at home (get yourself in gear Orange). So basically lots to catch up on.

First off Ally Fogg has written an interesting piece about men in prisons and their roles as fathers. He describes how “benevolent sexism” means that women’s role as mothers means that they are seen differently to male prisoners.

Sexist urinals – never thought I’d see such things or that it was possible! Some people go to great lengths to be sexist!

Stuff has really hit the fan following Jeremy Hunt‘s statement that the abortion limit should be reduced to twelve weeks. David Cameron‘s since said this won’t happen, but the whole debate has done little to bolster the Tories’ compassionate Conservatism. This has been seized upon and fortunately opposed by Lesley Griffiths, who has also said she would oppose such a move in Wales.

Martin Robbins has written an article against the anti-page 3 campaign, warning that it isn’t very liberal to ban nudity in papers. The Vagenda have responded in kind writing an “anti-Martin Robbins article” article.

Nat Guest has written an interesting article on why women aren’t on comedy panel shows more often, plus another one for comedy – Robin Ince has blogged about how rape jokes are often made by those in the position of privilege.

Fresher’s week is here – and with it an abundance of sexism! At my Uni I seem to remember the token night was ‘Pimps and Hos’, but I’m sure there were many more! Crazy!


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