Tories, recessions, Leveson and Page 3

I’ve spent some time on this blog trying to be apolitical, I’ve defended Louise Mensch…. ok that’s about it. Haven’t managed to push myself any further to the right than that. Turns out it’s for good reason…..

Dr Fox (the other one, not the guy above – this has probably been done loads) has said that paternity leave should be axed. What an idiot. This punishes, men, women and families. Right, there’s a deficit. But at what point do we stop cutting away at people’s quality of life? Hate to sound like a broken record, but actually…. at what point do we finally agree that the recession was caused by a greedy banking culture and stop taking people’s rights away?

John Whittingdale, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee chairman, has suggested Lord Justice Leveson had invited “anybody who has a grudge against the press” to give evidence. He says “Things like the question of Page Three girls. That’s a controversial issue but you don’t need a judicial inquiry to look into that.” Which is rubbish. What’s the point in having a judicial enquiry into the conduct of the press, but then ignoring the conduct of the press?

Kira Cochrane has taken this point on and examined the current campaign against page 3. This article on Lucy-Anne Holmes and her campaign against Page 3 is quite compelling. She actually says the reason behind the success of this is because of Leveson and the focus on press behaviour. Makes me think that Whittingdale’s comments should be taken with a fistful of salt.

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