Scary kids

Children. They scare me. And having children scares me even more. Which is why the whole abortion debate interests me. Obviously we’re talking about women’s bodies, their choice with what to do with their bodies, but this decision ultimately decides whether men end being Dads (whether they want to or not).

Scary (but unsurprising) then to read this article by Kate Smurthwaite saying that that fact that abortion rates are stable is not reported, and that the media has such control over our conceptions of what is happening.

Lucy Mangan, who’s a columnist for the Guardian has also written a good article summing up people in both the UK and US should remain vigilant on the issue.

Awesome then, watching this video from Samantha Bee on the Daily Show, looking at the contradiction between Republicans saying that women should not have a choice over abortion, then iterating the importance of Romney having a choice over which policies he implements! Pretty good skewering of the whole Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life argument!

There’s been women and politics news in the UK too – only 4 women are in Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle, and everyone is white. Not exactly a multicultural vision for the UK then.

Last but not least, apparently the Spectator ran a story claiming that women are the richer sex (don’t think it would surprise anyone to find out they aren’t, as illustrated in this article by Alex Hern), which serves to show how unsurprisingly dodgy the media can be, and how we need to critique what we’re being told. Martin Robbins has also put a great entry on his blog looking at putting Daily Mail style captions on photos – genius and serves to highlight the point.

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