Armpits, Kanye West and sleeping around

Despite my best attempts at encouragement, now omen I know have actually taken on the Armpits for August campaign, so I’ve been reduced to sponsoring a total stranger (Stavvers) on the strength of her blog. Well worth a read, and a great cause if you fancy donating!

I love music, but  can’t say I’ve massively got into rap. It’s often really innovative music, with the world’s best producers, but lyrically its stuff I can’t relate to. This is probably why I’ve made the exception for Public Enemy – Chuck D’s lyrics are bang on the money! I remember seeing a documentary where Chuck D looked shaken after watching a stadium full of white Australians shouting the “N word” (sorry – I’m too middle class to type it – don’t feel comfortable!) at 50 Cent. So how important is language to the way we relate to people?

But Kanye West? Am I moved by him? Not so much. Never felt moved by what he’s had to say. Interesting to hear though that he’s questioning whether it’s ok for him to use the word “bitch” in his songs. Might be worth tweeting your thoughts to @KanyeWest!

The ever reliable Vagenda have commented on Hannah’s Roisin’s new book The Atlantic, which apparently reckons women casually sleep with guys because of a cultural theory. Nicely summed up here:

The problem is that ultimately, like many on the opposing side, she forgets that sex is just sex: an activity that the human race has been engaging in since its inception, and that has, despite the best efforts of certain women’s magazines, remained pretty much the same mechanics-wise.

My mate Neil has also submitted a blog for inclusion  (cheers buddy!) about male privilege in the world of gaming. It’s an interesting look at the stereotypes that are inherent in gaming, and it’s an analysis that has become more and more common following the Lara Croft debacle a while back.

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