Louise Mensch & Police and Crime Commissioners

Bit late on reporting this, it’s fair to say I’m not due for a career in the media with timing like this. But… Louise Mensch has quit as MP for Corby. Which sucks for 2 reasons:

1) People searching for “Louise Mensch” and “boyfriend” is the top way people arrive at my blog

2) She’s made politics interesting to people who normally wouldn’t bother getting into it.

I’m not a fan of her politics, but she’s not been afraid of getting involved and being controversial, which is quite rare for a public figure. She’s described herself as a Feminist (despite Laurie Penny’s reservations in the above clip), and actually says what she thinks, something that we could do with more of from Politicians. There are loads of articles online looking at the traditional “women can’t have it all” shenanigans, but really, why don’t we question why more male MPs don’t resign to spend time with their families?

Anyway, links to interesting stuff – Helen Lewis of the New Statesman, Janice Atkinson-Small of the Mail who seems like an idiot, but who is right in saying

I’m sad to see Louise go because she was a woman with courage, who had opinions, was media-savvy, was a successful author and she was an alternative and acceptable face of Conservatism.

Last but not least on this, Rowan Davies vs Sarah Ditum in the Guardian.

Today’s blog is very much about politics – more than 80% of the new Police and Crime Commissioners will be male. Bit scary in terms of representation, and even scarier in terms of democracy as the turnout is likely to be very low.

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2 thoughts on “Louise Mensch & Police and Crime Commissioners

  1. Russell says:

    “Acceptable face of Conservatism” is an odd turn of phrase. It suggests there is an unacceptable face of it. Now *that* I wouldn’t disagree with

  2. My friend has made me follow Tories on Twitter to increase my world view, Conservative Home tweeted this interesting article on words you associate with the left and right wing


    Seems that even the public know on some level that Tory = unfairness, with only 7% associating them with equality. Doesn’t seem like an acceptable worldview to me.

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