Best review ever, plus flirting with Maggie Thatcher

First things first, this has done the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve just gotta post it again cos it says more about Chris Brown than I could ever say myself! Having been in bands, bad reviews and criticism really stung me, but don’t thing this review could have happened to a better candidate, as I’ve previously blogged about.

Hannah Betts has written for the Guardian about why feminism and flirting go together well. She then goes on to talk about Maggie Thatcher’s flirting skills…. not sure about this, and apologies if you’re as disturbed as me by the image of Maggie T trying her best to seduce you!

Women’s Aid are urging people to respond to the UK Government’s Universal Credit consultation as it could affect women’s refuges. Seems like another ill-thought out example of how the Tories approach welfare, with lots of disabled people already being hit by their policies.

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