Pure Love: Handsome Devil’s Club

I went to see Pure Love in Clwb Ifor Bach on Monday, and must admit they were a great live band, they truly brought the show to the people by taking all their kit to the people. I like their melodies and their punk rock attitude, and I probably will buy their album when it comes out. But this is their next single.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this – the above song is bloody catchy, but about as sexist as it gets. Which makes me wonder how I feel about it. The lyrics are obviously satirical, but it’s also full of stereotypes and is not helpful to equality. As artists,  do they have a political role to play or is it 100% storytelling? Kinda interesting (not in a good way) that the comments below the video don’t even reference the lyrical content.

I suppose it does matter. I listened to Nation Radio the other day on the way to the Gower for over an hour, and not one band they playedeven had a token female bass player. Makes me realise how unfriendly rock music still is to female artists. Which is a shame, cos I bloody love rock music.

In the mean time, one band that are Rock ‘n’ roll feminists, Sleater-Kinney are well worth checking out!

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