More comedy, coppers, and pregnant Chief Execs!

I’ve nicked this next link from Ally Fogg’s blog, but in response to the last post here’s a bit more analysis on rape jokes by Jezebel. Not sure if I agree with all the examples of rape jokes that work either, but it’s an interesting analysis of how comedy can work when it examines dark subjects. Ally’s also blogged about how he sees it, and one thing that he’s captured better than I did in my last post was how comedy can be used to examine an issue, and that’s not something worth stifling with censorship:

Comedy is an appropriate vehicle for any issue, but that doesn’t mean any joke is appropriate. In attempting to witch-hunt rape jokes out of existence, feminists risk stifling a popular medium, on a vitally important topic.

So maybe it’s all down to context. Still not convinced by the context of Richard Herring’s or Daniel Tosh’s jokes.

Here’s a pretty crazy and thought-provoking article by Hannah Betts about abortion and using personal stories to highlight the political issue of the right to be able to access them. The personal stories do seem very powerful and adds weight to a worthy cause, but its important that people aren’t used as political weapons, or at least are able to make informed decisions about whether they want to be one.

Ellie Mae O’Hagan has written about the number of women that are considering leaving the Police (up to 4 in 10). This would suck if it does happen, in as much as I personally think its important that the police is representative of the people. Otherwise we have certain social groups providing justice for others, which is a pretty dodgy situation.

Yahoo have become the first Fortune 500 company to appoint a pregnant Chief Exec. Rock n roll!

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2 thoughts on “More comedy, coppers, and pregnant Chief Execs!

  1. Kat says:

    Using the term “witch-hunt” against feminist and rape survivors who object to rape ‘jokes’ (in the case of Tosh “5 men should gang rape you” isn’t a joke… whatsoever. It’s a threat of violence), really?! REALLY?! You don’t see any problem with using that language whatsoever?!

    • Hi Kat, cheers for your comment. In Tosh’s case, I think its a horrible joke and not something I agree with at all. I definitely see it as a problem, and I hope that people that may have previously been fans of his choose never to go to see him again. I think I’d go back to the above quote – “Comedy is an appropriate vehicle for any issue, but that doesn’t mean any joke is appropriate”. Tosh’s joke is not appropriate, and I don’t think Herring’s is either. As I say above, I’m not convinced that the context of either of their “jokes” works.

      In terms of the use of witch-hunt, it didn’t hit me as inappropriate when I posted Ally Fogg’s comment. I’m sorry if that caused offence, not what I was intending to do. Over the last couple of posts I’m learning that I really need to be very careful with language I’m using, or re-posting in this case.

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