Shit lit and language

Aah, Fifty Shades of Grey. Never has a book appealed to me less. With descriptions such as Martin Robbins’, who says the first chapter “combines the literary skill of a Dan Brown novel with the erotic appeal of a Dan Brown novel”, think I might let it be. Suzanne Moore has written about how unempowering it is for women, but doesn’t sound like it’ll be a riveting read for anyone. Still, all too easy to denounce these things from a soapbox without reading it. Here’s a more balance article to counteract the first. Still not going to read it though.

The Vagenda have blogged on whether women should choose to be Kate Middleton or Kate Moss. Shock horror, the answer seems to be neither.

The Lara Croft shenanigans is still ongoing. Lots of debate going on, on the positive side it seems to highlight a lot of never discussed issues, including how as a society we over-use the word rape. Pretty thought provoking stuff in this piece by Helen Lewis.

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5 thoughts on “Shit lit and language

  1. The Thrifty Mum says:

    Ha! I haven’t read 50 Shades either, but I have to admit morbid fascination is getting to me and I might try to borrow it see if it’s as horrendous as people say. I think I’m a little scared I might like it. Really love that Martin Robbins quote!

  2. I look forward to your review!

    • The Thrifty Mum says:

      I think you had it right with ‘shit lit’. I won’t add to the debate about what the success of it means in the deeper sense, but I will say if you want to read decent literature buy a proper book and if you want decent porn that’s what the internet’s for.

  3. […] Fifty Shades of Grey debate is still going strong, with my friend the Thrifty Mum having already dispensed with the novel after […]

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