Video games (not even talking about Lana Del Rey)

Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of video games ever, but there seems to be something a bit creepy going on in the world of gaming. Helen Lewis has reported twice over the last two days about some pretty spurious goings on. First off Anita Sarkeesian’s web video series about “tropes vs women in video games” ends up with her having some pretty horrendous trolling coming her way, then apparently Lara Croft may be subjected to an attempted rape so that gamers ‘see her as a human’.

The Daily Beast has reported that more men write about women’s issues in America than women do. No surprise so I’ll move on, but still crazy.

Vagina whitening – even crazier! Who’d have thought it even exists?! As a dude I’ve been kicked in the nuts a few times, pretty painful experience, but the idea of throwing chemicals down there due to social pressures to look good rather than as a school boy prank gone wrong….. just seems weird.

Last but not least – nipplegate! Didn’t think I’d write that either! What a weird week! Madonna flashed her nipple. Apparently that’s bad according to Piers Morgan, who hates nips but really loves boats.

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2 thoughts on “Video games (not even talking about Lana Del Rey)

  1. The Thrifty Mum says:

    Oh my god “…Piers Morgan, who hates nips but really loves boats” has me crying laughing. Thank you for that!!

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