Body image, Billy Bragg and the Jubilee

Zoe Williams has written for the Guardian about how five-year olds perceive their body image. Never thought I’d write that sentence! It’s interesting that Williams doesn’t set out her stall against celebrity culture, and adopts a different tack instead, blaming us as consumers. As the great Billy Bragg says in ‘Never Buy the Sun’:

International executives they hang their heads in shame
Tell us with their hands on hearts that the paperboy’s to blame
But everyone who loves that kiss’n’tell, you must share the blame as well

God I love that man! Here’s a vid of it to place it in its full context.

If I woke up wondering where I was at all over the last few days, a short trip outside to see the British bling would have no doubt filled me in!  Laurie Penny‘s written for the New Statesman about Game of Thrones and basically how unfeminist it is, but also draws some good points from it about how at the end of the day we are all still Her Majesty’s subjects.

I think we need a different sort of story right now, one that isn’t all pomp and ceremony and ruthless social hierarchy wrapped in gold brocade, a story with, just maybe, no kings or queens at all.

The Turkish Prime Minister has likened abortions to air strikes against his country. What an idiotic and offensive thing to say on so many levels. Words fail me, so here I shall end.

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