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Music and men

Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk band that are imprisoned for playing a punk prayer against Vladamir Putin have had their jail terms extended. That sucks. Not just cos they’re feminists, but as freedom of speech has gone out of the window. The offending song itself is a bit too hardcore for my tastes, but it’s about as punk rock as it gets in terms of its anti-establishment sentiment.

Ally Fogg has drawn inspiration from the Blues on why men’s rights and feminism are usually compatible. The points seem pretty much bang on the money.

Jessica Valenti, whose book Full Frontal Feminism is well worth a read, has responded to the article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter on women having it all that I blogged about previously. She’s picked up on a lot of points that I didn’t even see. Bugger.

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Science, more video games and work

First things first – EU Commission campaign to get women into science is crazily reliant on stereotypes of who women are.

Cue awesome diagram in New Statesman.

Kinda used to the media going nuts about stuff, so I kinda thought after last week that more news would come along really quickly and the whole video games thing would disappear. Not so. So much so that Laurie Penny (who concludes its offensive to men – fair point), Charlie Brooker (who concludes that misogynist gamers don’t represent men, plus that Pac Man had no penis and testicles because they’d chafed away by years of sliding around on the floor) and Will Luton, (who concludes that the fiasco should not stop games from challenging gritty issues).

Ally Fogg also looks at sexism in the games industry, but focuses on the whole shebang around Anita Sarkeesian, who used Kickstarter to get funding for a project looking at sexism in video games. He’s just started this blog, which from his first post looks like he’s ready to get some debate started about male gender norms and Feminism.

One of the cool things about doing this blog is having people submit information to me I would never have seen otherwise, like the article by Anne-Marie Slaughter on why women still can’t have it all. Fair point maybe, but actually can’t help thinking that this article is actually about priorities being wrong, not about gender – nobody can have it all. Why should anyone get up at 4:20 to start the working day? If a guy did that, I’d still say that their focus on their career was all-consuming. The New Economics Foundation’s 21 Hours paper looks at how much better our society would be and how we’d have improved wellbeing if we worked 21 Hours a week. If only it looked like it might happen.

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Video games (not even talking about Lana Del Rey)

Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of video games ever, but there seems to be something a bit creepy going on in the world of gaming. Helen Lewis has reported twice over the last two days about some pretty spurious goings on. First off Anita Sarkeesian’s web video series about “tropes vs women in video games” ends up with her having some pretty horrendous trolling coming her way, then apparently Lara Croft may be subjected to an attempted rape so that gamers ‘see her as a human’.

The Daily Beast has reported that more men write about women’s issues in America than women do. No surprise so I’ll move on, but still crazy.

Vagina whitening – even crazier! Who’d have thought it even exists?! As a dude I’ve been kicked in the nuts a few times, pretty painful experience, but the idea of throwing chemicals down there due to social pressures to look good rather than as a school boy prank gone wrong….. just seems weird.

Last but not least – nipplegate! Didn’t think I’d write that either! What a weird week! Madonna flashed her nipple. Apparently that’s bad according to Piers Morgan, who hates nips but really loves boats.

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