Bosses, funniness and horribleness

First off, once more the BBC have picked up on the lack of women in top jobs, and covered it quite provocatively with the title of Are women their own worst enemy when it comes to the top jobs? Not entirely convinced by the article mind – there seems to be some massive generalisations on the go here including:

“Sometimes people still think they should be handed things – but they’ve just absolutely got to have more confidence in their abilities,” says Ms Timmons, who is married with two step-children.

“Compared to their male counterparts, they tend to lack self-belief and confidence – which leads to a cautious approach to career opportunities”

Some bold statements that don’t seem to be backed up by much. Also worth noting that the women interviewed were all women who had reached the top, not much input from women who were trying to make the step-up.

Mock the Week have been caught up in a few storms in the past about lack of female representation on the panel show. Here’s a cool post from Kate Harrad reversing the stereotype that’s put out there about women not being funny. Plus here’s a vid from YouTube with Josie Long talking a bit more about it, plus here’s here talking about Feminism and proving that being funny is not a gender thing!

Last but not last, the democratisation of Egypt and the uprising of Tahrir Square has been pretty inspiring. Shame that women are now being marginalised and made to cover up according to this piece by Mariz Tadros, which is pretty disturbing really.

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