Olympics madness and more!

Here in Cardiff, the Olympic torch is on its way. Cooper’s Field looks like it may get heaving! However, not everything is well in a time when the UK is getting ready for the Olympics – Saudi Arabia may field a team that only includes men.

Never thought I’d blog about Rihanna, definitely not my cup of tea musically, but Jezebel have written a good article about how she’s judged for her sex life.

Afghanistan does not seem like a cool place to be a woman at the moment. Kate Allen of Amnesty International has outlined why for the Huffington Post.

Closer to home, Demos have written a report on women’s role in the Conservative Party. Despite not really putting the policies in place to protect women from the recession, it seems the party has a lot of very capable female MPs that inform the parties policies in the future.

I’d never considered Feminism for those with multiple partners, here’s a report that’s been produced on it. It’s called Polyamory for those of us that didn’t know!

Here’s a good post by Liz Lutgendorff on the battle for being Pro-choice. A really good well thought out argument I think. I do agree with her though!

Here’s a good article by the Good Men Project on why scientifically men and women are similar. As my girlfriend’s badge reads – “Men are from Earth, women are from earth. Deal with it.”

Laurie Penny‘s on fire as per usual, here she writes on why wolf whistles suck.

Not entirely sure about James Bell’s article for the New Statesman though. Some good points, but tying breast cancer funding to feminism is a bit of a leap. Also that powerful women are viewed well and is a positive image? Not sure that’s a view universally held.

Ally Fogg has written a rather different review on the Second Sexism book than Suzanne Moore’s in my previous post.

Lastly Steven Baxter has written about why he hates it when people say he should grow a pair! The New Statesman seems to be writing about men’s issues a lot, wonder if this is conscious decision following the recruitment of the Vagenda team?

Lots of info there…. phew! Enjoy!

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