Second Sexism and Sweden

Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour has produced a programme looking at why Sweden is held up as a model for equality. I’d comment more, but I haven’t listened to it yet (but I’m going to now!). Should be interesting as whenever inequality is mentioned a Scandinavian state is inevitably thrown down as the benchmark we should measure ourselves against. You can listen to the show for a few more days here.

Suzanne Moore is a pretty interesting figure. She somehow manages to write for both the Mail on Sunday and the Guardian, which I didn’t think was possible as they seem to be on completely the opposite sides of the political spectrum. She does seem to be a strident Feminist, and she often writes about gender equality. She’s written an article about the author of the book on Masculinists that I blogged about a while back. As per usual you need only look at the comments to see how divided people are on this. The premise of the article seems right to me – it’s not Feminism’s fault that some factors affecting men occur, but it’s not exactly a call to arms for men to embrace Feminism either.

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2 thoughts on “Second Sexism and Sweden

  1. David says:

    lol, I m just a enemy of feminism and my values are in funtion of that. I m sure its tiranic the way that institucional feminism is working, and if I d accept an authoritarian goverments; I d choose the islamic goverments over the sweden goverment, because Im sure that the family is in extreme danger with the equality ideas, and the traditional family where women even werent citizen, have demonstrated really work over thousands of years contrary with what is happening now.

  2. Lots of different people in the world and that’s a good thing, and perspectives are part of that. What do you mean by Islamic governments I suppose is a good place to start? Lots of different Islamic governments in the world with lots of different policies.

    Definitely can’t get on board with the argument that women shouldn’t even be citizens. Where does that stop? Only white middle class men can vote? You could argue now that politics is hardly serving the masses with the rich getting richer with the latest banking scandal from day to day, how would making the electorate smaller make our governments more accountable?

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