The New Statesman, Vagenda and the cuts (as per usual)

First things first – the Vagenda have started blogging for the New Statesman. Pretty cool in as much as the New Statesman is pretty mainstream (as much as a left wing high brow publication can be!). Is this the start of a trend? Has the public and mainstream media’s view of Feminism begun to shift, even if only a little? Possibly, but there’s still the Mail to keep it in check! But that Helen Lewis, Laurie Penny and Vagenda writing for them now, which does speak volumes about their commitment to Feminist issues.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has produced its report on how much the decision making around the spending review was influenced by the Equality Act. The conclusions aren’t much of a surprise – basically that much more could and should have been done. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here as the Fawcett Society continue to lobby the UK government.


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