French elections, plus how we elect

First off it’s been pretty inescapable that Francois Hollande is now president of France. The press hasn’t seemed too interested until last week when it looked like Sarkozy might lose. I’ve heard more about the US election than the French one, which is pretty crazy as France is a big player in the European Union.

It’s an interesting article from the Guardian on what this could mean for female representation in the French parliament. It sounds quite hopeful until you get to:

“But French women have heard all this before, notably from Nicolas Sarkozy, who promised equal representation of women in his government when he came to power in 2007.”

Fingers crossed things are a bit different this time.

As someone who does favour Proportional Representation (PR), it irked me a bit to be confronted by the abundance of leaflets from parties who favoured the Alternative Vote using the less than positive  “vote for us or get them”. What I might not have bargained for is that PR might not be the magic bullet in terms of representation of women either. The Electoral Reform Society has blogged about why quotas are needed, which is a step further than the all-women shortlists that I’ve previously blogged about.

Something a bit more positive to end on – 5 ways Feminism helps men from the Good Men Project. Feel like I’ve been on a bit of a downer and haven’t given much hope for the future. Everyone needs to be positive right? Hope we can spread a positive message about Feminism!

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