What dudes think part 2

Wish it was all good, but bit of a mixed bag at best.

Starting off with Cardiff Women’s Aid, who have launched a project with Adam Jones, probably the most important player on any given day for the Wales rugby team (this could be dangerous, my Feminist Blog could turn into a rugby blog at this rate….), launching a project where men will stand up for women’s rights. Pretty cool stuff!

Not a huge fan of Louise Mensch, but must admit I do respect her after watching her and Laurie Penny debate about whether Feminists could be right wing on Newsnight a while back. Don’t agree with her failing to condemn Rupert Murdoch, whose leadership has been non-existant during the phone hacking scandal, but some of the language used to describe her has been dodgy at best, disgusting at worst. Jane Martinson has written a good post looking at this.

Masculinists – not a term I’d heard until yesterday, but intriguing. Basically men’s rights activists. Some points are pretty viable – just why are men more often conscripted to the military? Good point, but there’s a fair few men out there who think this is right (I’m not one), including Rick Santorum who is fighting for the status quo. The article I’ve linked to is interesting in that this is a Feminist article that doesn’t agree that the military should be a men only place. Plus I’ve blogged previously on the Navy changing. But it’s a good thing that men are portrayed positively, just a shame that this is ruined in the piece by Tom Martin, who says:

Since the pill, women have been told they can and should be having orgasms. And because they haven’t been, they categorise that as men’s fault.

Not sure I can add much to the thoughts you’re probably having that this guy is a misogynistic idiot.

Feminism is fighting against these rigid gender roles, maybe more projects like the one at Cardiff Women’s Aid can help to change the way that it’s portrayed as a men vs women thing.

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3 thoughts on “What dudes think part 2

  1. […] equality. She’s written an article about the author of the book on Masculinists that I blogged about a while back. As per usual you need only look at the comments to see how divided people are […]

  2. Kat says:

    If you’re new to masculinists, please check out David Futrelle’s webpage manboobz.com
    Yay for Adam Jones though!

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