Boris Johnson, hairiness & what dudes think!

Not being a Londoner, I’m not sure how much right I have to comment about the Mayoral campaign in London. From a far, all I can say is that Boris Johnson seems to be engaging character (he’s a funny dude on Have I got News For You), but not necessarily one that I would like to be in control of the area I live. But women in London seem to love him for some reason, interestingly at a time when women don’t seem to be backing the Tories generally speaking. Or when its a good time to be a woman in London.

Counting Women In have produced a good article looking at women’s representation in the UK’s devolved political institutions. I remember hearing at the time that the National Assembly was a gender neutral place back in the day, which was cool. unfortunately this is on the slide a bit, makes me wonder whether the parties will take on the thorny issues of all-women shortlists again.

On a completely different note, here’s a post on Vagenda about being a hairy woman! Pretty funny stuff! And good points made in all fairness. Quite often I don’t shave my face cos that seems like too much effort, can’t imagine shaving my pits and legs!

Here’s a post on men’s perspectives on Feminism by Laurie Penny, on canvassing men’s opinions on Feminism for her book, which will be well worth a read.

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5 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, hairiness & what dudes think!

  1. Another really good post, thanks! I read the Vagenda thing last night and it really made me laugh, it’s really interesting and challenged me to think about my views. I agree with a lot of what she says but I don’t think I’d be able to do what she has done which then leads me to think about how I interpret Feminism (or Feminisms) for myself.

    Re the Politics stuff, there’s a good IWA report from a few years back that anticipated the decrease in female representation at the Assembly, it’s here there was also a good discussion about the issue of selection and women candidates etc at the recent Helen Clarke event.

    Really enjoy your blog and signposts to really interesting stuff, keep it up!

    • Cheers Michelle! The hairiness thing is a bit crazy, definitely challenges what I may think of as feminine. Fair play to the author, she’s got guts and she’s pretty funny with it!

      Thanks for the IWA report, looks like interesting reading! I shall download it and peruse it at my leisure – possibly with a glass of wine in the bath!

  2. eyeonwales says:

    The problem in Wales is voters have historically rebelled against forced shortlists – we don’t like to be told who to vote for. What is interesting in the Welsh Government now is that two of the four party leaders are women, as is the presiding officer. Indeed all senior positions in Plaid Cymru are held by women. This selection though was largely organic rather than forced with specifically selected all women short lists.

  3. […] quotas are needed, which is a step further than the all-women shortlists that I’ve previously blogged […]

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