The EU and stuff that usually goes on behind closed doors

The EU released some interesting press releases yesterday – how gender equality leads to economic growth and a partnership between the EU and UN Women to ensure women’s representation in decision- making in the fields of economics, politics and justice worldwide, as well as better access for women to work and social opportunities. I would never have known of these if it wasn’t for the wonder of Twitter, which makes me question what makes it into the mainstream media these days…..

Here’s an interview that Kat Banyard did for the Observer did with the new Chief Executive of Object, Anna van Heeswijk.

Must admit that it’s something I hadn’t really considered, but here’s an article on discrimination faced by female firefighters.  Turns out I should have done as an Audit Commission report concluded that:

the lack of women and ethnic minorities in the fire service and found that the lack of a diverse workforce significantly reduces the service’s ability to reach and educate different communities about the risks from fire.

Katie Roiphe (never heard of her until this article, turns out she’s not very pro-feminism) reckons that women like to get bossed around in bed. Unsurprisingly Jaclyn Friedman disagrees!

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