Feminism, thinktanks and mayoral candidates

IPPR have looked at the social status of women’s husband and related it to Mad Men. It’s pretty cold reading about something that is emotive for a lot of people. This quote outlines though how Feminist campaigning can have effect on Male issues:

Jobs done mainly by women such as caring have never been well-paid, but deindustrialisation and the decline of union power have also diminished the number of routes into well-paid work for working class men.

Basically Feminist campaigning for an equal society on some issues can influence issues that don’t just affect women. Regional Pay could be just such an issue.

The London School of Economics has looked at the Think Tanks that are the most popular on Twitter. It’s compiled a list of the most followed, and found the surprisingly few Tweeters are women.

No women appear in the top 10 and only seven appear in the top 50, which may also say something about a glass ceiling in think tanks.

Quite scary thinking about lack of female influence in Think Tanks, which quite often formulate ideas that are picked up by politicians. The implications might not be particularly surprising though….

Su Maddock has blogged about the lack of Female Mayoral candidates. It’s a great blog looking at how campaigning has opened doors for women. Also interesting as it looks at the UK as a country in transition. Su says:

not to promote womenleaders here will reinforce an economic and social trajectory that is centralist and backs corporations rather than local connectivity, small business and social enterprise

Certainly in terms of English policies of Localism and the Big Society (British, but with few Big Society projects based in Wales) then there is transition in these terms. Thought provoking stuff.

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