Legal aid, lapdancing and satire

The changes in Legal Aid has got some attention in the last few days. The Rights of Women website is asking people to email their MPs to warn of the dangers of these changes. This blog from the Bevan Foundation show it’s not just women who will be affected by these changes.

Joan Smith has written for the Independent about lapdancing. Interesting (in a bad way!) that what made headlines in a recent survey was the deskilling of lapdancing!

Helen Clark spoke at the Pierhead Building of the National Assembly for Wales about why women’s leadership is important. Here’s her speech for those who didn’t make it (me included). Here’s an interesting post from We Love Local Gov that looks at why minorities don’t tend to have the top jobs and why discrimination is more prevalent and why opportunities decrease.

Fellow blogger the Thrifty Mum has lots of tips to save cash, also some interesting posts on empowerment. Here’s a brill post on catching spiders, and another on whether society values mothers. It touches on ideas of Marxist Feminism (I’ll have to ask her if she’s a Socialist!).

The good thing about starting this blog is that people have started contributing things, which is cool and most appreciated! Here’s a bit of satire from the Onion that was contributed by my friend Neil. Just hope he wasn’t suggesting this was what I’m trying to do….


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2 thoughts on “Legal aid, lapdancing and satire

  1. The Thrifty Mum says:

    Really interesting reading as ever. Didn’t realise I was venturing into Marxist Feminism .

    Love your new look too!

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