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Boris Johnson, hairiness & what dudes think!

Not being a Londoner, I’m not sure how much right I have to comment about the Mayoral campaign in London. From a far, all I can say is that Boris Johnson seems to be engaging character (he’s a funny dude on Have I got News For You), but not necessarily one that I would like to be in control of the area I live. But women in London seem to love him for some reason, interestingly at a time when women don’t seem to be backing the Tories generally speaking. Or when its a good time to be a woman in London.

Counting Women In have produced a good article looking at women’s representation in the UK’s devolved political institutions. I remember hearing at the time that the National Assembly was a gender neutral place back in the day, which was cool. unfortunately this is on the slide a bit, makes me wonder whether the parties will take on the thorny issues of all-women shortlists again.

On a completely different note, here’s a post on Vagenda about being a hairy woman! Pretty funny stuff! And good points made in all fairness. Quite often I don’t shave my face cos that seems like too much effort, can’t imagine shaving my pits and legs!

Here’s a post on men’s perspectives on Feminism by Laurie Penny, on canvassing men’s opinions on Feminism for her book, which will be well worth a read.

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Good news or bad news?

UK unemployment falls. Always a good thing right? Depends who you are. Not if you’re a Welsh woman (crazy that it’s by the same media, but in different areas). Or maybe not if you’re a Woman in many places. Spin wins the day!

It sucks that changes to Legal Aid bill by the Lords won’t be implemented, but at least there’s a bit more recognition about what it means for domestic violence.

Tanya Gold has written an interesting piece on the sex industry by the Guardian. Interesting in that it doesn’t disparage either side of the argument, even though Tanya doesn’t buy into Magnanti’s ideas.

Here’s a slightly biased post, but not too far off the mark about distractions in politics stopping American women from seeing the flaws in Republicanism.

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The EU and stuff that usually goes on behind closed doors

The EU released some interesting press releases yesterday – how gender equality leads to economic growth and a partnership between the EU and UN Women to ensure women’s representation in decision- making in the fields of economics, politics and justice worldwide, as well as better access for women to work and social opportunities. I would never have known of these if it wasn’t for the wonder of Twitter, which makes me question what makes it into the mainstream media these days…..

Here’s an interview that Kat Banyard did for the Observer did with the new Chief Executive of Object, Anna van Heeswijk.

Must admit that it’s something I hadn’t really considered, but here’s an article on discrimination faced by female firefighters.  Turns out I should have done as an Audit Commission report concluded that:

the lack of women and ethnic minorities in the fire service and found that the lack of a diverse workforce significantly reduces the service’s ability to reach and educate different communities about the risks from fire.

Katie Roiphe (never heard of her until this article, turns out she’s not very pro-feminism) reckons that women like to get bossed around in bed. Unsurprisingly Jaclyn Friedman disagrees!

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