New week, new news!

I’ve been a bit guilty of focusing on UK based Feminism, with a particular focus on Wales (can’t help it I’m afraid, it’s where I get all my news from!). This is a cool piece about Feminism in Tunisia in the Guardian, which is very heartening. Also challenges our ideas of Liberalism and Benevolent dictators in the Western world. It’s not got much detail about the future of the country, but fingers crossed for a new dawn for Tunisia.

Following on from the debate on Women’s Hour about Feminism and class last week, here’s an article in the New Statesman on the same topic. Here’s an extended version on the F-word UK website. The comments below are quite interesting too. The website seems to have a positive community where contributors don’t rant or rave too much and examine the scope of the article without standing on a soapbox.

When Race for Life comes around every year I always think that it’s a triumph of marketing and that so much good stuff is going to come from it, but that it’s enveloped in pink and not exactly reflective of all different types of femininity. Here’s an article that reflects on exactly that point.

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