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Lots of news on the employment of women in the last day, with a report announced on women’s place on boards, but a timely reminder that women should be represented throughout an organisation, not just boardrooms. This point is really relevant when you look at the Fawcett Society’s response to the latest labour statistics. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have published a report on flexible working that does offer some potential solutions.

This look at anti-abortion campaigning is quite scary, and seems like an unfair way to push an agenda on vulnerable people. Recently saw someone throw a plastic pint glass at Henry Rollins for discussing abortion, never thought I’d see that in the UK. Tensions are higher than I thought.

Back home in Wales – the fact that a woman’s appeal for being jailed after retracting a rape claim  was dismissed is just messed up. This is more heartening though, with a woman who suffered domestic violence helping to able to help shape services.

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