Crazy stuff from the UK and the US

Save the Children have attacked the UK Government as its Benefit Reforms will hit single mothers. Quite a contrast to George Osborne’s claim that we’re all in this together. Esther Nagle as written a great post about what this will mean in practice.

Laurie Penny has posted about US Conservative critic Rush Limbaugh’s comments on a woman in the US who testified before Congress to say that American women should have access to birth control. That it’s already available but unaffordable to some points to Limbaugh’s elitism as much as his sexism. While we don’t have a direct equivalent here, does Clarkson’s strike comments mean that Cameron’s language over striking sound far more acceptable?

A positive note to finish on – more women on the UK’s 100 largest business boards than ever before. It’ll be interesting to see whether the UK Government chooses to intervene to boost numbers in the future as earlier in the month self-regulation was described as unsatisfactory.

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