More of the same!

More stuff today of similar stuff from yesterday….

The Bevan Foundation’s brill blog This is my Truth had a post from 1 March that I’ve just seen on domestic violence from Hannah Austin of Welsh Women’s Aid. Interesting list of priorities that doesn’t contain yesterday’s announcement on Clare’s Law, which gives food for thought.

With more on women’s employment following the blog from Robert Peston on women on boards, 7 out of 10 voluntary sector workers are female, but only 4 out of 10 are Chief Execs or Chairs.

With austerity comes the return of who people see as the deserving or undeserving poor. This is a good article from Open Democracy that looks at how society views poor women through stereotypes. Pretty crazy looking at it in these terms, but listening to Radio 2 at lunchtime is enough to realise that this perspctive is prevalent as people look for scapegoats when their cash is scarce.

On a positive note, International Women’s Day on Thursday! These 2 perspectives are quite interesting and serve to show how perspectives on priorities are quite different. Hell of a quote to combat yesterday’s Twitter analysis – “It’s good to remember that women are each other’s human Wonderbras – uplifting, supportive and making each other look bigger and better”.

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