Day full of news!

Hello! 🙂

So much stuff going on today in the news today it’s unbelievable!

First off I heard about Clare’s Law about informing people of their partner’s criminal history with regards to domestic violence. Can’t help but agree with Sandra Horley of Refuge – if the crime is so under-reported how helpful will it be? It’ll be interesting to see how the future Police and Crime Commissioners in each area will respond to this as policing becomes increasingly politicised.

Then noticed in my lunch-time break (still on it!) that Deborah Orr tweeted about an article on whether women support each other on Twitter. Looking at your own stats for Twitter can’t really represent social media as a whole can it? The rest of the stats seemt to be a bit random and not really to do with the article – 71% of women that are bullied in the workplace are bullied by other women. What about how many men bully other men? What has this got to do with use of social media? I’ll leave you to mull it over.

A good blog from Robert Peston on the discrimination women face in the boardroom. Very timely considering Cameron’s recent visit to a summit on Sweden to look at this.


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