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Rude words and ridiculousness

First off, Laurie Penny discusses the power of the “C” word in the New Statesman. Quite funny reading the comments below compared to the usual ones that end up on the forum!

I’ve blogged a few times lately about what Regional Pay could mean for Women in the public sector. This article from Nancy Kelley of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation explains it in a far more readable way complete with graphs and everything! Sober reading in terms of employment equality though.

All the news about Women’s right to choose has been pretty crazy lately, so much so that it featured as the editorial in Monday’s Guardian. Hopefully this will add some balance to debate following the Telegraph’s investigation.

Here’s an article about how Google use algorithms to determine what it believes are people’s age and sex. It is a sexist presumption (and ageist for that matter!), but despite the call for people to alter their demographics to highlight this, I’m a bit reluctant to alter mine (65+ Male apparently….) so that Google can sell me stuff that bit easier.

Sara Annwyl sent this to me via Twitter – 5 ways modern men are trained to hate modern women (can I add a “some” to that please?). Interesting points to think about, and Sara’s blog is a good read too.

The National Assembly for Wales are running an event on Inclusion and equality: Why women’s leadership matters on 11 April. It looks interesting, especially as it looks at democracy and empowerment. Could be worth a look!

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New week, new news!

I’ve been a bit guilty of focusing on UK based Feminism, with a particular focus on Wales (can’t help it I’m afraid, it’s where I get all my news from!). This is a cool piece about Feminism in Tunisia in the Guardian, which is very heartening. Also challenges our ideas of Liberalism and Benevolent dictators in the Western world. It’s not got much detail about the future of the country, but fingers crossed for a new dawn for Tunisia.

Following on from the debate on Women’s Hour about Feminism and class last week, here’s an article in the New Statesman on the same topic. Here’s an extended version on the F-word UK website. The comments below are quite interesting too. The website seems to have a positive community where contributors don’t rant or rave too much and examine the scope of the article without standing on a soapbox.

When Race for Life comes around every year I always think that it’s a triumph of marketing and that so much good stuff is going to come from it, but that it’s enveloped in pink and not exactly reflective of all different types of femininity. Here’s an article that reflects on exactly that point.

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Cash, money

Money is definitely the hot topic this week following the Budget  on Wednesday.

Here’s a slightly more balanced piece from Betsan Powys than the ones I’ve previously posted. My one concern on the whole Regional Pay shenanigans goes hand in hand with the reason that George Osborne is keen to push this agenda forward – that the private sector and public sector are linked. While he may think the private sector will become more competitive as public sector wages go down, businesses in Wales may find that nearly 30% of their customers have less cash to spend.

Nick Pearce of the Institute for Public Policy Research have published an interesting article looking at mapping how left wing politics could work in an age of austerity. The IPPR again look at the model of Scandinavian childcare and push that in their case for equality.

Here’s a very short, but effective post from Helen Lewis Hasteley on analysis of the budget and how it’s the reserve of white, rich, men. Not sure if I can add much more to that.

The Guardian have looked at two very different elements of equality. The first looks at how women are not at the centre of abortion services. Is this the case in any other medical care issue?

The second looks at inequality in ICT employment. A lot of sexism going on in the cases highlighted here.

The Women’s Hour on Radio 4 has been very good again. First they spoke to Leanne Wood about her beliefs and equality, then an interesting debate on Feminism and class. Some very interesting points about how experiences vary due to class.